Aussie singer-songwriter Jane Haig is back with her new single ‘Concentrate’

Aussie singer-songwriter Jane Haig is back with her new single ‘Concentrate’

Jane is a Sydney-based singer/songwriter/producer, multi-instrumentalist and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. After showing interest in music from an early age, she started writing her own songs at age 15. Now, she both continues to write her own bangers and help produce others while completing her Audio Engineering degree at AIM. Her debut single ‘Don’t Feel Like Dancing’ currently sits at over 2,000 Spotify streams.

Taking a turn towards smooth, synth-pop, ‘Concentrate’ (out March 3, 2021) is Jane’s first unapologetic leap into writing about LGBTQIA+ relationships. It’s sexy, it draws you in, it takes you back to house parties filled with booze, laughter, loud music and flirtatious eye contact across a crowded room. Jane designed the main synth layered throughout the song, and also produced and mixed the song herself. “It’s funny, I’ve written so many songs about men over the years, and nearly all of them have been about heartbreak and misery. I decided to try one song about a woman, and it’s the most positive outlook on love I’ve written.”

“Being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I realised that I, a bisexual cis-woman, had never written a song about anyone other than cis-men before. Hilariously, Concentrate is both the only song I’ve written about a woman, and the only positive song I’ve written about matters of the heart (or in most cases–heartbreak). While the two are not inextricably linked, there is a strong connection between my positive experiences being with women.

This track was created by Haig and two producers; artison who took the percussive elements of the song to a new level, and Elysian who helped layer synths, provided mix feedback and played guitar on the track. Haig mixed the entire track herself, and Elysian mastered it


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